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Hey everyone,
I want to let you know about a great new product we’re working with here at Single Vision.  It’s called Seiko Surpass ECP A/R and it has become our best-selling Anti-Reflective coating.


We did our homework before going forward with Seiko and worked with the AR for a year before we made it available to our customers.  COLT's Laboratories has tested and rated Surpass as comparable or better than the top rated brands on the market today.


It comes standard with a two-year scratch and manufacturers defect warranty! Surpass ECP is a Super Hydro AR that features Easy-Clean Plus, a new  hydro/oleophobic topcoating that repels water, oils and grime, making lenses easier to clean.


We've priced Surpass such that you are now able to provide your customers with a premium AR at a reasonable cost. Feel free to give us a call and talk about it. As always, we're here for you!"


The Breakfast Winner’s Club

Breakfast WinnerEach month a new winner is drawn randomly and receives breakfast for the entire practice on us!


Will you be the next winner?



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Did you know that Single Vision Express can process VSP jobs that are part of any Discounted Plan, such as the plans listed below?

  • Exam
  • Exam Plus
  • Regional Network Plan
  • Advantage Plan
  • Lens Plus Benefits - Standard Plan


Discounted Plans are not billed directly through VSP insurance, but give the provider freedom to select the lab of their choice. This is where Single Vision Express’ pricing, quality, and service will make a big difference.


We are also an NBN Provider.  Most costs are significantly lower than NBN's contract pricing. The savings can go directly to your patient.


Save those Managed Care Dollars

Managed Care is always the hottest topic in eye care. When ordering your single vision jobs from us, be assured- your patients will receive a high quality product and you are assured the lowest price...






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