Our Business Philosophy

Single Vision Express has a different philosophy in how we approach the everyday dealings with a lab.


Our concept is simple:

  • Simplified, easy to use pricing- we have 1 price list.
  • No confusing volume discounts.
  • You know what a job is going to cost you "day in and day out."
  • No Charge to edge lenses to a Metal or Zyl Frame.
  • Solid, Gradient and Multi-gradient tints are all the same price.
  • Non-standard Sphere and Power Charges start at -8.00D and +4.00D.
  • No Processing Fees for Dr. Rx Changes.


Single Vision Express-your vendor partner

  • We believe in partnership, not hardship.
  • If you have a bad month or bad quarter, we will share those times with you as well as when you have great months and great quarters.
  • We do not believe in increasing your prices if you have a down period.
  • We will not change prices without notification.
  • Absolutely no-hassle customer service.



MicroscopeAbout Single Vision Express

With over 100 years of combined experience in our lab, Single Vision Express has built its reputation on providing ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians with unparalleled service and quality.


We are an independently owned and operated laboratory committed to providing our clients with the finest products available at the lowest possible prices. 


Our lab has been in Washington for five years, proudly serving our customers. We now service practices throughout the United States and the Northwest.

At Single Vision Express, "technology" and "innovation" are not just concepts- they are the very tools we use to provide a full range of ophthalmic products and services.


As industry technology has advanced, we have kept pace with the technology and the latest equipment.  Innovation is how we have managed to use technology to provide our customers with next day Rx fabrication at a fraction of the cost of other labs.


Technology and innovation are what drive us to provide a unique level of personal customer service and manufacturing excellence at reduced costs.


Being Independent

At Single Vision Express, we celebrate the fact that we are an independent laboratory. Being independent means not having to conform to the standards of our competitors.


Currently, over 70% of all optical laboratories in the United States are owned by large corporations. Somewhere in the mass of corporate leadership and customer service, standards get lost in the pursuit of a healthy bottom line.


Because we are independent, we know what matters the most- THE CUSTOMER!

Experienced Staff

When you call Single Vision Express, you always speak with someone who has the answers to all of your questions.


Not only is that person an experienced dispenser with an enormous knowledge base, but he or she is also a person with the power to make decisions.


ServiceIn addition, you will always receive a positive response. There is no request too large or too small for our customers. Whatever it is, we'll make it happen for you.

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